Monday, February 1, 2010

Mel's Return

Despite the sad turn that Mel Gibson's personal life has taken in the last few years (the post-Passion days), I believe it is my duty (as is every moviegoer's) to distinguish his personal from professional. He is still a damn fine actor. His most recent film, Edge of Darkness is a must-see. His first major starring role since 2002's "Signs", its a triumphant return.

This film is dark and sometimes gruesome. A suspenseful thriller, that is based on an old BBC television series, of a cop who is trying to solve his daughter's murder. I will not go into the storyline too much because I urge you to watch it for yourself. There are characters a-plenty. Every main character is complex and memorable. The line of right and wrong becomes a nice shade of gray. Mel brought his A-game to this film with top of the line acting. The desperation can be seen in his eyes, sparks of insanity linger on his face, and that deep raspy voice sets the tone. The ensemble that is Mel Gibson comes together to bring you a revenge-driven mystery with twists and turns. Specifically watch for the scenes of Mel Gibon's character, Thomas Craven, trying to really keep himself together and hold back tears. The true work of a veteran. Go see this movie. A superior film than it's box office conquerer "Avatar".

8.5/10 stars

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