Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still Sunny

The new season of "It's Sunny In Philadelphia" is in full swing. i have laughed hysterically thus far. from Charlie becoming a crab-man, to milksteak, to playing "nightcrawlers" (the visual picture that comes with this when you watch it is amazing), to baby surrogates, to danny devito hanging himself, to bird law and fillibuster. i beg of you to watch this new season. all of the episodes are on right now (although they are 8 days behind the date which it originally airs). this new season has not dissapointed. in fact, i think it has set the bar higher. if you have never seen Sunny, please make this a priorety in your list of TV shows to watch. although it can run on the risky side of the fence, i think this is what we love about it. its unpredictability. also the characters and their lack of decency is a factory of endless laughter. i have come close to pissing myself multiple times because i have laughed so hard and is definately great to quote.

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