Monday, September 14, 2009

VMAs, MTV and a nice surprise

So last night i decided to momentarily lift a personal boycott that i have had on MTV for as long as i can remember. Before you scoff in judgmental preconceptions, hear me out. MUSE made their american television debut on the Video Music Awards last night. So i decided to catch it. It was a great performance of a new song from their recently released album "The Resistance" with a great but brief guitar solo from Matt Bellamy, and lived up to my expectations. Surprisingly, it wasnt the highlight of the night. More on that later.

But since i was already on that channel, and since i happen to like russell brand a lot, i decided to keep watching. i would flip back and forth from this and other channels so i didnt catch the whole show, but it was a pretty eventful night. All of you have heard of Kanye's outburst and Beyonce's heart of gold (funny thing about kanye is that he swore never to come back to MTV a few years back but yet there he was) I'm not gonna beat that dead horse. Janet Jackson paid tribute to her late, great brother, and the man who practically owned MTV in the 80s. Sadly they didnt give Russell Brand enough of the show, but when you compare the time he did have to his stand-up, this didnt really...stand up (all puns intended). And Mr. Brand also called Jimmy Fallon the "David Letterman of our generation" which i dont know if he meant sarcastically, but i hope he did.

What stole the night away for me wasnt the Kanye and Taylor Swift's "feud", or Beyonce's single ladies, or even the highly anticipated MUSE performance. It was Jay-Z and Alicia Keys(whom i highly underestimated) performance of "Empire State of Mind". Alicia Keys seriously killed onstage as an amazing counterpart to the Mayor of New York who in this song calls himself "The New Sinatra". It was a phenomanal. Chills went down my spine. here is a link to the best part of the night.

BTW watch out for the girl's outfit sitting next to Beyonce. i think its lady gaga. also here is a great article addressing the stupidity of the girl who went onstage at the end.

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